Take Back Program

Help the planet and get 30% off!

Did you know that an average of 85% of textiles produced end up in landfills around the world, where they may take 200+ years to decompose?

As part of our MadSustainable platform and our commitment to decreasing end-of-life waste, we have created the Neff Take Back program where you can return your unwanted Neff products to avoid filling up the landfills. Goods that are returned to us will be recycled for other uses and you will not only benefit by knowing that you are helping the planet but also receiving a coupon code to shop.

You can trade in any of your unwanted Neff goods per the below:

  • Fill out the form below so we know where to send your coupon code
  • Place your NEFF garments in a package and send back to the following address:

    Neff Headwear
    7 Studebaker
    Irvine, CA 92618
  • Once the package has arrived, check your email within 5 business days for your coupon to use at neffheadwear.com.
  • Be proud that you are helping the planet and log on to neffheadwear.com to go use your 30% off code!