Axell Hodges

Axell Hodges is a phenomenal athlete who can shred on a BMX bike, rip through the snowboard park and boost 100’s of feet in the air on a dirt bike and most recently adding to his accolades X Games Gold and Bronze medals. Axell is also a master of storytelling by creating videos and getting them to virally circulate on social media.  By doing so, Axell has given himself a platform to create a massive following making him one of the most regarded riders of today. Hailing from Encinitas CA, Axell is known for his backyard antics that lead to the famous Slayground movies which was shot by the one and only Dirtshark (who also happens to be his brother).  We are hyped to have Axell be a part of the NEFF family living the Forever Fun lifestyle.  Be sure to keep your eyes on him!