Fold Beanies

Stay warm while looking cool this winter and take your beanie game to the next level with a folded beanie. A beanie with fold is just what you need to add some style to your everyday look. Our collection of Neff fold beanies features tons of different styles of fold up beanies, as well as different color options including: blue fold beanies, maroon fold beanies, and of course the classic Neff fold heather beanie. Each of our beanies are tailored for the optimal fit and made with ultra soft fabric. The secret is in our fabric, which is meticulously crafted, made to perfectly stretch over your head. With over 20 million beanies sold, we have perfected all types of beanies, including the folded beanie. Whether you’re looking to keep warm on the mountain or just hitting class, these cuffed beanies are a must-have for your wardrobe. Level up your look with a cool men’s jacket.