The spring park at Boreal has been ripe for hotlaps the past few weeks and the crew of Northlake has been taking full advantage of the prime conditions. From Neffland to the jumpline, Brady Lem, Jordan Morse, Lane Knaack, Matt Busedu, Austin Ford, Derek Holcomb, Kix Kamp, Brian Wilson, Zander Blackmon, Nial Romanek, Skyler Gallardo, Eric Royce, and Nick Geisen have been expounding on the park’s possibilities with loaded style and easy riding. It’s a shame that some of the most fun conditions come at the end of winter, but that’s why Woodward Tahoe is perfect, because they offer up a summer park. So sit back and let Lem, Morse, Blackmon, Geisen, Romanek and more serenade you with some warm weather snowboarding and stay tuned for more from Woodward Tahoe. Read more at