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We teamed up with our good friend Wiz Khalifa to produce some of the dopest clothing yet.  The Blacc Hollywood Collection was inspired by Wiz's new album, which dropped today - August 19th. "Blacc Hollywood is one of the year's most important albums, and it's incredible to be a part of its launch with this special collection," said Shaun Neff. "We have a great relationship with Wiz, and we look forward to doing even more beyond this collaboration!" You can purchase the Wiz Khalifa Blacc Hollywood x Neff Collection exclusively at Zumiez. "I am so happy to be doing a second collab with both Neff and Zumiez," says Wiz Khalfa. "Blacc Hollywood is a lifestyle and it's amazing to have them spreading the movement."  Blacc Hollywood, Wiz's third full-length album with Rostrum/ Atlantic Records, dropped today.  Today, Wiz will be at the autograph signing at the Flatiron Crossing Zumiez in Denver, CO.