If this is any preview of what Mr Smith will do to Snapper, start placing your bets. After a long-injury-felt season, Jordy’s finally feeling 100 percent. When the Pipe Masters kicked off, we saw a reminder of how proper the man’s rail work is. Remember that Backdoor tunnel to layback jam? It was nominated for maneuver of the year by the WSL awards. While on the North Shore we went for a wiggle at Rocky Point with him, between turns that made out cheeks hurt, he blasted an air easily six feet above the lip at 30 mph. He safely bailed just before landing in the flats in about three feet of water over reef. He told us he would’ve landed it, but he just got back from injury, no need to go down that road again. Here we get him in Durban and Mozambique, cut to War on Drugs and looking sprightly as ever. Jordy’s fully invested in the tour this year. He’s been working on surfing towards points; contest style, rather than ankle ruining punts. Expect to see him displacing a lot of water, linking turns and jamming down the line at The Quiky Pro. When the big man’s on he’s easily a top five surfer. Read more at http://stabmag.com/watch-water-displacement-by-jordy-smith/#SgHrjiTjkuafmdvz.99