Killington VT is the home of Neffland Outer space and this past weekend was the first ever Neff Space Jam.. The park crew rounded up some of the standout features and created a mini hike park for the open format rail jam. 75 competitors showed up to showcase their talents and go for the $2000.00 Prize Purse from Neff. Also at large was a year sponsorship for the top GROM rider under the age of 16. There was no lack of talent with some of the local pros entering to make a run for the cash. At the end of the day Marie Mauer took home the ladies top prize, River Willman took locked up a year sponsorship from NEFF and taking home the largest portion of the cash was Luke Haddock.. Luke threw down some heavy tricks and had some close competition from Levi Gunzburg and Nate Haust but Luke managed dial in some heavy tricks on all the features to take the title and cash. Congrats to Luke and thanks for all the came out and big thanks to the Killington Park Crew for making it happen… JPY_3117_0 JPY_3474_0 JPY_3584_0 JPY_3613_0 JPY_3621_0 JPY_3623_0