Mammoth Mtn California lived up to its name this year for Snowboarder Mag’s Superpark 20. All the features were MAMMOTH indeed! Halldor Helgason, Tim Humphreys, Brandon Davis and many more of the Neff crew were there to session Superparks giant jumps. The weather controlled the week with the tailing bits of El Nino dropping scattered snow and rain showers all week leaving all the riders anxious to hit the jumps but only able to session during windows of sunlight and visibility. Halldor Helgason, Tim Humphreys, Brandon Davis, Aspen Weaver, Ian Thorley and many others from the Neff crew were able to take full advantage of those windows and put down some hammers that Wojtek Targosz and Ethan Stone captured for our enjoyment. Take a look, read and watch as some massive air was had at Superpark 20!