This past weekend, NEFF could be seen at X Games in Minneapolis MN. NEFF's newest athlete, Axell Hodges, kicked X off right on Friday night by jumping his motorcycle over 50 feet above the ground and winning his first ever Gold Medal in the MotoX Quarterpipe High Air event! To top it off, Axell also won a Bronze Medal in the MotoX Best Whip event on Saturday.  This kid is on fire!!!

In everyone's favorite spectacle, the MegaRamp Big Air, our friend Elliot Sloan tried to defend his Gold Medal with some new tricks that he has been working on and landing in practice. Unfortunatley, the stars did not line up for Elliot and he didn't end up on the podium this year.  It surely was breathtaking to watch!

Congrats to both of our NEFF X Games athletes! Keep your eyes on them in the future.



Axell Hodges winning the first Gold Medal in Moto Quarterpipe
Neff on a moto?
Elliot Sloan on those MEGA wide trucksElliot Sloan might be insane legally for jumping that rampNeff on top of the podium!