Soundset brings Midwest Hip Hop and beyond to the masses. Sold out for the first year since it's inception. The 30,000 plus in attendance were treated to a full palette of performances from local legends to pent-up prior to the show Wiz. There weren't 2 Chains who could hold back this joyous celebration of youth, diversity, and talent. With a perch on top of the 4 ft mini in the center of it all, it was a wonder to take in such a heavy day of skating and music. Neff Headwear in conjunction with Familia Skateshop hosted the Soundset Showdown where heavy action was reward with cash and the crowds were showered with shades, stickers, and gear. The session ended with a back to back monster ollies off the start bank, over a railing, to a 4 x 8 sheet of ply wood which left the large crowd throughly entertained. After a storm of a product toss dowsed the crowd to cool them off for witnessing the heated session. This one was for the books before the day even started and after well if you missed it you'll have to wait until next year to know. - Peter H. -7_1