For Part 9 of Fat & Furious, we caught up with Abbe & Theo Hjellstrom, creators and stars of of web series showcasing Swedish snowboarding. Stay tuned for an all new season right here on What’s the story behind your project, and why ”Fat & Furious”? It all started two years ago, when we borrowed our mothers camera. We knew that we wanted to make our own project, so that we could make everything exactly as we wanted it to be.So we started doing park videos. The first two parts wasn’t that planned at all, or specially dedicated. Then we made part 3 from Kläppen Snowpark, which we thought got a little bit better than the earlier parts. Then we suddenly realized that we could do everything so much more interesting, only if were ready to put down some more energy on it. The name ”Fat & Furious”, is just some random name we came up with while watching a Fast & Furious movie on the TV, some years ago. We thought it sound fun, so we decided to rock it. Why park edits? The year before we started ”Fat & Furious”, we made a full movie with some friends and filmed a lot of street, which was fun. But we realized...continue reading at Transworld Snowboarding.