Attention all snowboarding fanatics! Neff is taking over the website for your favorite most-read magazine in snowboarding! SNOWBOARDER Magazine and Neff are teaming up online to keep delivering more content and photos than any other shred magazine out there. is packed with hundreds of videos and pictures of the sport's top riders, interviews with the sickest pros, and the best gear of the season, while keeping you updated on the latest snowboarding news and upcoming events. This site also features our very own Neff Snow team member, Dylan Thompson, showing off his crazy street snowboarding talent as he hits features no one else would even think about hitting. Watch Dylan kill it in his 2014 full part right here.

Dylan Thompson has always had an explosive riding style. Like a timed bomb, he's calculated and methodical when hitting a feature, detonating at the exact moment to pull off mind-melting tricks in larger-than-life urban environments. In his 2014 full part, Dylan pulls no punches in leaving his mark on some of the biggest and burliest drops, redirects, and metal fixtures seen in one segment. And he does a hell of a lot of it switch. But what's most incredible about this collection of footage isn't the gnarliness of the features or how mental the tricks are that Dylan executes, it's how this Oregon-born-turned-Salt-Lake-local finds the time to log so much footage while the Penguins are in season. Dang. Want to see more of Dylan Thompson's crazy talent? Check him out on our site here!