Neffland Pirate Park was the host to the 2nd annual Neff Beach Bash at Boreal Mtn. Close to 100 competitors showed up for their chance to win a $2000.00 Prize Purse and a year sponsorship from Neff for the top Grom. Lane Knaack and the Boreal park crew built an insane setup that would prove to challenge all levels of riding with a giant pirate ship wheel launch pad over a series of closeout rails and a beach ball moat. The jam was full of some great carnage along with some heavy tricks from all ages but at the end of it all here were the results…. Grom 1st Caleb Bonneville 2nd Levi Brown 3rd Ozzy Chadwell Ladies 1st Rene Stein 2nd Rebecca Bruce 3rd Ivika Jurgenson Open 1st Andrey Trotimov 2nd Jordan Nield 3rd Matt Buseda